5 Ways to Promote Your Arkansas Small Business Online

Nov 27, 2020 | Marketing

Hey, small business owner! Congrats on starting your very own company in Arkansas. You’ve got your business plan locked down, you’re keeping a watchful eye on your balance sheet, and you’ve even convinced your spouse that late nights and long weekends will pay off soon.

So the next question to make its way to the forefront of your mind is simple. How the heck can you promote your small business online to attract more customers?

I’ve been in marketing for more than a decade, and I’ll be honest: The task isn’t easy, but it is absolutely doable.

To get you started down the right path, here are five strategies to promote your small business online.

1. Launch Your Website

Having an online presence you actually own is essential in today’s digital world. But Rhen, you ask, can’t I just get a Facebook Page? After all, it’s free!

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The problem is this: You can’t rely on only a Facebook Page to promote your business because you have no say over Facebook. Facebook could change its rules and platform whenever it wants to whatever it wants, and you’ll be forced to play along.

A website you own means you control the content, the images, the layout, the look—everything.

Plus, there’s something so satisfying about having a domain you can include in your email signature and business cards.

2. Get a Facebook Page

Yes, yes, you still need one despite my warning above. 

3. Consider a Second Social Media Channel.

A Facebook Page will cover you pretty well when it comes to promoting your small business. Almost everyone uses Facebook and that includes your customers. But you may want to consider creating a second channel depending on your business.

For instance, if you mainly do business with other businesses, LinkedIn is a great platform for you.

If your business produces products that are visually appealing or offers services that result in photo-worthy opportunities, Instagram is ideal.

4. Set Up a Google My Business Listing

When people turn to Google to research businesses, they do so with their current location in mind. No one searches for a tire store 100 miles from their home. They want one as close as possible.

A Google My Business Listing will help you get found faster, as Google prioritizes these listings in the search results. You can include photos, store hours, contact information, and reviews.

Promote your small business online with Google My Business

5. Use SEO to Get Found on Google

Speaking of Google, don’t forget to use SEO (search engine optimization) tactics on your website. What is the one keyword phrase you want to be found for by your ideal customer? Is any other business ranking for it? If not, you have the perfect opportunity to rise to the top of search engines.

(Little Rocket Sites can help you with setting your SEO up! Ask me how.)

Promote Your Small Business Online Today!

I hope you found this information useful. If you are looking to launch your first website or would prefer to work with a local website provider, I’d love to have your business! Contact me today.

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