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Jul 7, 2020 | Web Design

Nonprofits are one of the most important organizations in our society. So much of the generosity, compassion, and innovation comes from the work nonprofits do. From charities to churches to local food banks, nonprofits shape our culture and our connections with people, places, and the natural world.

But when it comes to a nonprofit’s web presence, we’re used to seeing outdated, poorly designed websites.

It makes sense. Nonprofits have to be very judicious about where they spend their money, and if it’s a choice between renting out a large venue to host the annual fundraiser and building a sleek, modern website, the choice is obvious.

I simply to have to respond: Why not have both?

Little Rocket Sites, LLC, offers nonprofits beautiful website templates absolutely free! You can have your cake and eat it too!

Our Favorite Nonprofit Website Templates

To give you an idea of the type of nonprofit website templates we’re talking about, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite designs. If you run a nonprofit and are looking to upgrade your website, all these templates are available for you to choose from Little Rocket Sites.

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1. Church Website Template

This gorgeous church website template is perfect for any denomination. Its clean layout utilizes distinct layers of content to give it life and depth. The content blocks sit well above the background, casting soft drop shadows; they practically beg you to click through to read about visiting the church, getting connected, attending events, and more.

The active template features smooth mouse-over animations on desktop, yet its mobile layout takes advantage of subtle gradients and stacking to give it a unique experience all its own.

Nonprofit Website Template

See the demo.

2. Charity Website Template

What I really love about this template is how focused it is on driving conversions. From the very top of the homepage, the site prompts you to donate. Should you choose this template, you can be confident your website will increase charitable donations the minute you launch.

Aesthetically, this template utilizes unique content blocks that pull you in. It’s a vibrant design with eye-catching styles. Obviously, vector drawings dominate the overall style. Even if that’s not in your charity’s brand standards, you can easily swap these assets with photography or video that matches your specific charity’s look and feel.

Nonprofit Website Template

See the demo.

3. Food Bank Website Template

Next, this food bank template is absolutely perfect for those nonprofits looking for something super trendy and modern. The use of parallax design, masked by smokey-framed windows, is a clever use of the technology that is sure to catch donors’ attention.

Like the charity website template above, I love how donation-centric this template is. Big, bold calls to action grab your attention and demand you take action. As this template relies on photography to bring it to life, you’ll likewise want to make sure your reel is well-stocked, so keep that in mind (but stock photography can certainly get you far).

Food Bank Website Template

See the demo.

4. Groups and Meetups Website Template

The final nonprofit website template is designed for organizations centered on connecting people. What I love about this template are the layers. I’m a sucker for colorful layers stacked behind photography and content blocks. Also, check out the layout of the portraits near the bottom: The uneven stacking provides real character to this design.

Note the template uses color sparingly throughout this whitespace-heavy template. But when it is used—especially in buttons and other calls to action—your eye locks on like a magnet.

Groups and Meetups Website Templates

See the demo.

Which Nonprofit Website Template Is Right for You?

I hope these four nonprofit templates inspired you and got your creative wheels spinning. If you run a nonprofit and are looking for a new website, Little Rocket Sites would love to offer our services. We offer affordable monthly hosting, maintenance, and management—plus, we’ll build your first site for absolutely nothing!

I’d love to discuss your nonprofit’s needs. Contact us today!

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