Site Launch: Life Coach Website for Sacred Vessel Holistics

Jan 2, 2021 | Site Launch

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A new year brings with it a new website launch from Little Rocket Sites! I’m excited to share with you the brand new life coach website for Sacred Vessel Holistics. Sacred Vessel Holistics is an Arkansas-based mind and body wellness provider run by April Perry.

The mission of Sacred Vessel Holistics is to empower clients by helping them realize the full potential of their innate gifts. April Perry offers a wide variety of services including life coaching, women’s empowerment seminars, public speaking, and crystal energy therapy.

The Life Coach Website Homepage for Sacred Vessel Holistics

Homepage (scroll to see the full page)

Collaboration by Design

To bring Sacred’s digital presence to life, April and I collaborated on the design and look and feel of the site. With a mission based on empowerment, we knew the design required warm, inviting colors while providing great opportunities for photography and visual elements.

Specifically, April and I worked on developing a color palette to bring her site to life. Through the Little Rocket Sites development process, I used the information provided by April to design three palettes from which she could choose. The deeply saturated reds and greens bring a richness to the website without overwhelming the end-user by balancing the colors with an expansive white space. Overall, I think we nailed it!

The Life Coach Website Interior for Sacred Vessel Holistics

Interior (scroll to see the full page)

Looking to the future, April has big plans for the site. She plans to upgrade her site to include e-commerce in the future, something Little Rocket Sites can easily handle. The new e-commerce will allow this life coach website to promote and sell products, increasing revenue streams for April’s business.

I’m so happy to have played a role in bringing April’s vision to life, and I wish her great success in all her future endeavors.

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– Rhen

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