Site Launch: Personal Stylist Website for Trisha Richardson Style

Jan 20, 2021 | Site Launch

Visit the Personal Stylist Website

What you wear says a lot about who you are. The same can be said about your business’s website. That’s why I’m happy to announce the launch of the colorful, mobile-friendly website redesign for Trisha Richardson Style & Closet Consultant.

Trisha Richardson, of Madison, Mississippi, started her closet consulting business in 2020. Her mission is to teach her clients how to use their wardrobes in the most efficient way. She audits closets, determining what can stay and what must go. Working on any budget, big or small, she’ll design a style that aligns to her clients’ individual tastes while keeping in line with today’s trends.

Keeping a Personal Stylist Website Trendy

Trisha reached out to Little Rocket Sites for her closet consulting website after hitting a dead end with Squarespace. As many tools as Squarespace offers, the site still requires individuals to navigate their own way through proper site strategy. Trisha understood her talents lay in fashion design, not site design, so she called me to help her out.

The Homepage of a Personal Stylist Website for Trisha Richardson Style

Homepage (scroll to see the full page)

We collaborated deeply on this site. From picking the color palette to writing the website copy to even working with her photographer to select the right photos, I provided as much support and expertise as Trisha needed to help bring her vision to life.

Rhen will create the website that reflects your goals and ideas. He helps translate what is in your mind to the website. He helps you work through the things you don’t know how to express but you know you wanted it when you see it. He creates a very branded look for you to propel your business to the next level!! His pricing levels are excellent. He is super easy to work with and is great about helping you move past the paralysis of your fear of creating your website.

Trisha RIchardson
The Interior of a Personal Stylist Website for Trisha Richardson Style

Interior (scroll to see the full page)

Trisha has big plans to grow her business, with the website launch as phase one. Moving forward, she plans to grow her social media presence on Facebook and YouTube, both of which Little Rocket Sites helped set up and launch. I was able to connect her with a social media strategist in Arkansas to create a custom plan for her.

Get a Website With Style Today

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